Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome to Sweets!

I love to bake! I didn't say I was good at it...I just enjoy it! Through that love of baking I have come to be known, in my little corner of the world, as the resident baker. I certainly don't claim to be good at this!! In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to put some of these pictures up, but it has become a necessity as people needing a cake want to see some of my examples. This site is a collection of my work. Please don't criticize too hard!!

Little bits:
-My cakes are box mixes, but pretty tasty I might add.
-My frosting is homemade buttercream.
-I don't really use fondant. It's tough to get it so smooth underneath, but more than that, it tastes HORRIBLE! Ever eaten play-doh?
-I try and try, but just can't seem to get it super smooth like you see in magazines, so I've got a few tricks to make up for it. I like to use the basket weave, popcorn ceiling or stripes.

Check back as I add more pictures.


Smartline said...

Nice blog.
Beautiful pictures.

Please visit:

Good luck

goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

John John said...

Hey Staci it's John John. It's funny. we are both into food and we love puppets and ministry

Brandy said...

I didn't know that you had this! Great idea!

Adecia said...

You do fabulous work. I'm very impressed.