Friday, October 10, 2008

How it all began...

So how did I get into this? You can thank my sister and her big mouth for that!

We were at Michael's one day walking up and down the aisles when we saw this book:

It really caught our eye because we had never seen anything like that. Our brothers' graduation party was coming up and we thought we'd be adventurous and try to make that cake on the cover.

Here was our final product:

We got a lot of compliments on that first cake and I kind of thought that would be the end of it...
...until my sister told her friend, who was planning her upcoming wedding, "Oh, well, my sister makes cakes".

[jaw drop to the floor]

Ironically enough, her friend decided to "hire" me, someone who's NEVER made a wedding cake, to do her cake?!?!

What was she thinking???

What was I thinking...I told her yes!!??

Here's how that first cake turned out:

That was 8 years ago and I guess you can say the rest is history!


Mandi said...

Too bad neither one of us make any money out of it!!

Brandy said...

Great cakes! You are so good at it!